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"Savani and her band are stepping out with their original blend of latin jazz. Traditional rhythms of Cuba and South America are given flight with jazz arrangements that highlight the improvisatory prowess of the musicians. The songs breathe with a deep lyricism, inviting the audience into a rich and unpredictable musical landscape, where cha-cha-cha, waltz and swing meet like old friends on the dance floor."

“The Savani World Jazz Quintet, led by vocalist Elspeth Savani, performs passionate interpretations of latin song styles such as Brazilian samba, Argentine tango, Cuban son, and Peruvian waltz, fused with a heavy dose of jazz. “

“The Savani World Jazz Quartet performs the irresistible rhythms and timeless melodies of Brazilian samba, Cuban son, and Peruvian vals infused with jazz sensibility.”


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Savani Latin Jazz #1
Savani Latin Jazz #2
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