Singer Elspeth Savani's new release, a Latin jazz exploration of mostly original compositions, might surprise some who might be familiar with her charanga work and association with Zarabanda. What shouldn't be a surprise is the high degree of artistry that Savani continues to weave into her work. Flights of Mind / Pensamiento En Vuelo is a relaxed gem of a session, made possible with the help of pianist Julio Jáuregui, trombonist Chris Stover, bassist Jeff Norwood, percussionists Jeff Busch and Tom Bergersen and others. Savani's lovely, soothing voice -- at times with just a hint of melancholy -- is just what the doctor ordered. She sings in Spanish, English, and, on Portas, Portuguese. This one, folks, is a much needed respite from the daily grind.

Very highly recommended. – Descarga, September 2011


"The band is swinging...but never overshadowing the beauty of Savani's voice..."
-September 2011
-O's Place Jazz Magazine, September 2011.

“…a spot-on-key singer who interprets nine tunes flawlessly in
Spanish, Portuguese and English…” - Jazz Society of Oregon, August 2011.

“You really have to applaud this kind of ingenuity. She sings, she swings and the set cooks. Who’d have thought civil rights jazz could ever sound like this? Wild stuff.”
Midwest Jazz Review, July 2011

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